Azure based DRaas

DR as a Service with Azure Site Recovery

We provide Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) that include data backup, email and file archiving, and disaster recovery solutions on Azure cloud.

Growing businesses face increasingly complex data environments, with remote sites, and multi-cloud infrastructures — making data protection and disaster recovery (DR) far more challenging.

Logic Overdrive assists enterprises assess, plan and transition from legacy DR approaches to a modern, flexible disaster recovery approach that fits their needs in prioritizing application recovery. This approach ensures a manageable plan for IT resources and achieves business continuity in the most seamless way possible by incorporating Azure Site Recovery technology.

Our DRaaS on Azure services benefits

Simplified Business Continuity
Azure Site Recovery orchestrates replication and failover, without intercepting application data from a single location in the Azure portal

Eliminate a secondary datacenter
IaaS sidesteps the upfront expense of setting up and managing an on-site datacenter, making it an economical option for businesses of all sizes to test new ideas

Multiple VM failover
Set up recovery plans that include scripts and Azure automation runbooks to model and customize failover and recovery of multi-tier applications spread over multiple VMs

Flexible replication
Replicate any workloads running on supported Hyper-V VMs, VMware VMs and Windows/Linux physical servers and easily run test failovers to support DR drills, without affecting production environments

Failover and recover
un planned failovers for expected outages with zero data loss, or unplanned failovers with minimal data loss

Integrate with existing BCDR technologies
Azure Site Recovery integrates with other BCDR technologies, such as the SQL Server backend of corporate workloads, and it includes native support for SQL Server AlwaysOn to manage the failover of availability groups.